Our Firm offers a virtually unlimited list of training programs and schedules, designed to meet the needs of todays' Public safety and Security.

Within our alliance are companies of all sizes.

When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of classes we offer our clients.

  • Non Commission Security Officer Course - Level II
    Half day course for the Unarmed Security Officer.
    Beginner Course for Security Officers.


  • Commission Security Officer Course - Level III
    40 Hours - 4 day course.
    The Armed Security Officer Course, includes Firearms Qualification. You must also take the Level II course, if you have not already taken it. The Level II Course can be taken in conjunction with the Level III.


  • Security Officer Recertification
    6 hours Classroom and Firearms qualification


  • Personal Protection Officer - Level IV
    16 Hours - 2 day course
    Also known as a Body Guard. This course also includes OC Certification.


  • Expandable Baton Certification
    4 Hours


  • OC (Pepper Spray) Certification
    4 Hours
    As of September 1, 2003 a law passed (Penal Code 46.05) you must have received training in the use of a chemical dispensing device in order to carry. This includes Pepper Spray.


  • License To Carry Course
    6 Hours
    Includes Firearms Qualifcation.


  • Continuing Education for Managers and Private Investigators
    18 Hours
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  • Homegrown Violent Extremism-Mayhem in America
    8 Hours
    A course designed to provide Terrorism Liaison Officers, (TLOs); Law Enforcement in General; and other First Responders an appreciation, as well as a forewarning, pursuant to Homegrown Violent Extremism, (HVE) threats, both religious based and not, that are currently or may become prevalent within the USA. Domestic Terrorism and all it entails will be explored during this course.

    The question is not "IF" it will occur but "WHEN".

    Case studies of past HVE events within the USA and globally will be scrutinized and evaluated for possible pre-incident indicators. As in all courses described herein, "COMMUNICATION" will be a feature topic.


  • Countering Violent Extremism / Advanced & Positive Communication Skills
    8 Hours
    This course is structured to highlight the dynamic that Terrorism Liaison Officers, (TLOs); as well as general Law Enforcement Officers, (LEOs); and First Responders; are capable, via improved communication skills, of developing meaningful relationships within communities of all ethnicities, beliefs and religions.

    This course is designed to reinforce the wisdom that simple but effective proactive communicative efforts within a community potentially have the benefit of diminishing or lessening the often tragic circumstances requiring a reactive response.  Providing the ability to "Influence" and "Change Behavior" when needed, entirely with the spoken word will be explored during this course.

    A discussion of current events worldwide, that concern all threats, terrorism, and radical religion, will be expanded during class to reinforce and amplify the curriculum.


  • Countering Violent Extremism / Attitudes & Approaches of Current Threats
    8 Hours
    This course is designed to explore the "Values-Attitudes-and Beliefs" of those toxic actors determined to cause death and destruction and instill fear from within the USA. These actors may be religious based or not. Active Shooter threats will be explored during this course.

    In this course, the "WHY" and the foundation of the "WHY" will be examined for awareness purposes, as well as potential pre-incident indicators that could cross the radar of a LEO. Not simply the "Motive" but the emotional and deeply held convictions present in actors bent on destruction and death.


  • TLO / FLO / ILO Basic Course
    8 Hours
    This course trains and certifies Fusion Center Liaison Officers, whether they are called FLOs, TLOs, or ILOs. This course covers their roles and responsibilities, the "system" they are connected to on the regional, state and national levels including key definitions and concepts, and finally the threat, normally focused on terrorism, both international and domestic. The impressive "stats" generated with tips and leads, or Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs) resulting from this training in California, have been garnering national attention.


  • Radicalization in a Social Media World
    8 Hours
    This course is designed to RAISE THE AWARENESS of students and will examine the Social Media Radicalization (SMR) phenomenon as it pertains to Radicalization and Conversion in the contemporary world. The course aim is, as mentioned to Raise Awareness, so that if information/intelligence within this realm appears on a TLO's radar, then potential investigative action might be enhanced.

    Online Radicalization now occurs with regard to a wide range of extremist causes within the USA, many of which are not religious based: Toxic Radical ideologies involving White Hate, Racism, Right Wing, Sovereign Citizens, and Eco-Terror all employ and greatly benefit from aggressive SMR.

    However, because of contemporary events, this course will scrutinize the toxic message and efforts of Radical Islam, specifically ISIS and Al Qaeda, and how that message can be so effectively and efficiently delivered to, in particular, impressionable youth worldwide.


  • Countering Violent Extremism / The Islamic State Threat
    Globally & Domestically_State Sponsored Terrorism

    8 Hours
    This course in no way will seek to demean law abiding devout and secular Muslims. Islam is a robust and potent religion with a lengthy standing on the world stage.

    However, we would be remiss without a course examining the transnational expansion of the most well-known Radical and Toxic Individual Muslim Extremists; and how State Sponsorship has enabled that progress. This course will scrutinize a variety of specific and contemporary toxic Islamic threats confronting the USA from within and outside our borders.


  • Executive Briefings on Current Threats
    4 Hours

    • Current updated changing threats. (Globally and US)
    • Tactical/Strategic Situational awareness given the changing Global threats.
    • ISIS/ Al NUSRA tactical risk analysis to US in General Texas specific.
    • Trends analysis and case history US in General Texas Specific.
    • Refugees impact and tactical liabilities with emphasis on Agency Community
    • Emphasis on advanced Communications to enhance tactical and strategic postures.

  • Active Shooter Mindset
    2 Days
    This course is developed to provide students with a realistic understanding relative to the Mindset, Cause and Causation of a broad mixture of violent Homegrown and International antagonists set on death and destruction most likely directed at the innocent.

    The course will entail first response considerations in deadly or potentially deadly situations pursuant to Active Shooters. The course will examine the emotional "WHY", and tactics of potential adversaries relevant to that which could be expected to occur in deadly shooter scenarios. The course will also encompass Law Enforcement tactics based on the Mindset "WHY" of the perpetrator, in the event the matter evolves into a hostage situation.

    Course Content: Objectives of this course will be:

    1. Profiles of the various assortment of Killers - Assaulters, Homicidal/Suicidal, Charlatan, Spontaneous and Deliberate Hostage Takers and the causation of the killer Mindset
    2. Incentives of various Killers-Personal-Political-Religious-Revenge the "Loser Paradigm"
    3. ISIS and the valid threat it poses to America/The recent dynamic of the Women Jihadis/al Khansaah Brigade
    4. Selected Case Studies exploring shooting killing incidents
    5. Brief block concerning how to "Influence Change Behavior" verbally

    Day Two of the course will require students to utilize information provided on Day 1 in selected Active Shooter scenarios, at a "Tactical Village."


  • Interview and Interrogation (I&I)
    24 Hours 3 Days
    The course is designed primarily to enable students to plan a critical adversarial interview of a suspect/subject utilizing a linear time continuum with a beginning, middle and end, in order to legally obtain a voluntary confession.

    Instruction includes:

    • Verbal Judo, How to influence and change behavior with words.
    • Communication principles to include:
      • How to establish and enhance rapport
      • Recognition of when communication is not established
      • Earning the right to INFLUENCE
    • Active listening skills
    • Potential non-verbal indicators of deception, always a slippery slope to include:
      • Eye movement/Neurolinguistics
    • Potential Verbal indicators of deception
    • Victim/Witness interviewing, to include:
      • The Cognitive Interview
    • Interview dynamics and proficient questioning format during the three phases of the time line continuum.
    • Statement analysis, to include:
      • A critique of the OJ Simpson interview as to statements analysis and how one word in an answer can hold incredible meaning. Also, the magnitude of listening and conprehending answers will be demonstrated.
      • Listening – a critical but frequently underutilized ability
      • Recognition of investigative avenues opened during interview
      • Formulating effective follow-up questioning
    • Transition from interview to interrogation
      • Confrontation
      • Keys and themes
      • Arguments and persuasion techniques

    The course teaches student to identify keys and themes pertinent to the interviewee.("Look at a man like he is the devil and you will never understand his motives, the "why" of the crime, and the emotions raging within"), during the interview phase. Then utilize those suspect/subject keys and themes during the interrogation in an interviewer dominated setting designed to influence the suspect/subject on an EMOTIONAL level.(The UNIQUE ability to interview and interrogate and not have to rely solely on case facts is stressed in the class.)


  • Interview and Interrogation - Abreviated but Impactful (I&I)
    8 Hours
    We understand that may police agencies are reluctant to commit their personnel to a Three-Day training seminar. In that regard, we have created an 8 hours abbreviated version.Students will receive a portion of all of the methods taught.

    Hunter Education

* NOTE: Some Classes are Restricted to verified Law Enforcement personel and/or Agencies only.