About Us

Mary Jane Bull

Retired Advanced Police Officer; Law Enforcement and Security Classroom and Firearms Instructor

(817) 737-4394

Ms. Bull retired in February 2014 after serving 20 years as a Police Officer, with an Advanced Certification. Her career started as a dispatcher and then expanded into law enforcement. Her 20 years of experience as a police officer included Patrolman, Sergeant over patrol, Lieutenant in charge of training and hiring. She served warrants for 10 years and cleared thousands of 15 and 20-year-old warrants. Ms. Bull is a Certified Police Classroom and Firearms Instructor. She is also a licensed Classroom and Firearms instructor with the Texas Private Security Bureau teaching armed and unarmed security officers as well as continuing education for Private Investigators and Managers. She is also licensed to teach the Licensed to Carry course since 1993. As well as a Hunter Education Instructor, an OC (Pepper Spray) Instructor, and School Saftey Officer Instructor.

Ms. Bull is the owner of DFW Metroplex Training Academy. The Academy has been in business since 1992. DFW Metroplex Training Academy received Bests Schools of Fort Worth, 3 years running presented by Fort Worth Award Program.

Ms. Bull has worked in the Security Field since 1979 from Patrol (both foot and vehicle), Standing Post at a small business up to working at a Government Facility. She has helped 16 Security Companies get started in their business and currently manages 2 Security Training Schools. She has certified over 10,000 Commissioned Security Officers. The Academy has helped multiple law enforcement officers advance their careers. And currently teaches government security officers their continuing education along with semi-annual firearms qualifications. The Academy also teaches the Federal Fish and Wildlife Annual Non-Law Enforcement Firearms Training.

Ms. Bull is a Certified Mental Health Officer and still holds her Security Commission License.

Raymond Bull

Past August 2021, He was loved by all and will be missed.

Katherine Bull

Active Air Force Reserve, Security Officer, and Licensed Classroom and Firearms Instructor

(817) 737-4394

Katherine is a Senior Master Sgt and has been in the United States Air Force since 2005. She is a certified trainer and instructor for the Air Force. She has served four tours in the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. She has endured extensive terrorism and active shooter training sessions during her tours. She was awarded the three Air Force Achievement Medals and an Air Force Commendation Medal.

She is a licensed Classroom and Firearms instructor with the Texas Private Security Bureau teaching armed and unarmed security officers as well as continuing education for Private Investigators and Managers. She is also licensed to teach the Texas Licensed to Carry course since 2004 and a certified NRA Firearms Instructor. She works as a licensed commissioned security officer, personal protection officer, school safety officer, and a company representative (manager) of a security company.

Melody LaFond

Training Coordinator

(817) 737-4394

Ms. LaFond holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and has an extensive background in governmental policies, procedures, finances, and grants management. She spent more than 27 years of her career in law enforcement administration, with 20 years in a supervisory capacity.

Her experience includes 10 years as a leader of the management team of a major Fusion Center, the Central California Intelligence Center (CCIC). Ms. Lafond led efforts to establish this Fusion Center, worked closely with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies while forming the Fusion Center and was instrumental in creating/implementing the center's policies, procedures and processes. After the Fusion Center began operations, Ms. LaFond led Financial Program personnel at the Fusion Center and was responsible for approving all programs in the Fusion Center's territory (which included 34 of the 58 counties in California, encompassing 87,000 square miles), based on the type of grants available, the cost of such programs and their feasibility.

During her tenure with the CCIC Ms. LaFond was a member of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, (JTTF), served as a Terrorism Liaison Officer, (TLO), and was tasked with assisting the U.S. Attorney Office in financial investigations that combatted money laundering and tracked the funding of terrorists. She also created the Financial Manager's Committee composed of representatives from each Fusion Center in California to make recommendations to the Department of Homeland Security, (DHS), on financial matters pertaining to Fusion Centers nationwide.

Immediately before she established the CCIC, Ms. LaFond led efforts to convert an Air Force Military Police Station into a 100-Officer Sheriff's Sub-Station on McClellan Air Force Base in coordination with the Military Police. After the commencement of operations, Ms. LaFond supervised the work of financial personnel, crime analysts and armory/supply personnel in the sub-station. Prior assignments within the Sheriff's Dept include Supervisor of Male Booking at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center and Booking Officer for the Work Project Division and Main Jail Facility downtown. She also created a Collection Program for the Sheriff's Department saving them millions of dollars and received various awards for her accomplishments.

Richard Morris

Retired Police Office; Instructor; Grandmaster in American Karate

(817) 737-4394

Mr. Morris served 36 years with the Fort Worth Police Dept. He retired from FWPD as the Gang Detective and Intelligence Sergeant in the Tactical Investigations Division. Richard is a Certified Police Investigative Hypnotist and Mental Health Officer. He has advanced Certifications in Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident, Stress Management and Peer Support Training. Richard is a former United Methodist Pastor. He is currently a Police Chaplain and Christian Minister. Richard worked closely with the FWPD Homeland Security Intl Unit, Criminal Tracking Unit, Human Trafficking Unit, SWAT, Zero Tolerance and Narcotics.

Richard is a Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker and Trainer and is the exclusive self-protection coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He teaches programs, including: Personal Development, Leadership, Goal Setting and Achievement, Being the Best You and Building Winning Relationships.

Richard is a 10th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster in American Karate, Tae-Kwon-do, and Shizen-Na Karate; 6th Degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu; Black Belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts; Deputy Constable Tarrant County; Master Police Officer; and TCOLE Classroom Instructor.

Richard is a published author and is currently collaborating on a book, On Fighting-the Physiology and Psychology of Violent Street Encounters with Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman.

Richard has been inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxers Hall of Fame, Karate Masters Hall of Fame, Masters Hall of Fame, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, World Black Belt's Living Legends, Museum of Sports Karate Hall of Fame, Who's Who in Karate and the Other Martial Arts in 1982, Who's Who in American Martial Arts in 1985, Who's Who in Karate in 2012, Texas Navy by Texas Governor George Bush and the Kentucky Colonels by Kentucky Governor Paul E. Patton. He won several awards for Law Enforcement Community Service.

Richard K. Lack

Retired Special Agent, FBI; Master Instructor

(817) 737-4394

He retired in September 2004 after serving over 30 years in the FBI. While with the FBI Mr. Lack had assignments at FBI HQ; Alexandria, Virginia; Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Palo Alto, California; and the final almost 20 years of his career were served in the Monterey Bay Resident Agency (MBRA), of the FBI, San Francisco Division. Mr. Lack has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Central Arkansas.

From 1994 until his retirement, he was the Senior Resident Agent in charge of the Monterey Bay FBI office. The MBRA has FBI investigative responsibility for Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County. Mr. Lack worked extensively with all local law enforcement officers within all departments within the MBRA territory.

Mr. Lack's investigative experience within the criminal purview of FBI jurisdiction is vast. He has extensive experience in homicide, sexual assaults, kidnapping, bank robbery, fugitives, and child abduction. While working at the former Ft. Ord Military Base, a Federal Government enclave within Monterey County, he has extensive experience in many criminal matters not typically undertaken by the FBI.

In addition, Mr. Lack is a certified California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Instructor, (POST ID# C19-F66), and teaches Interview and Interigations (I&I) for the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium, San Jose, California. He currently provides I&I cadet instruction for POST at Gavilan College, Gilroy, California; Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, California; and Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, California. Mr. Lack is also a seasoned instructor in the area of Homeland Security. He has been instructing Fusion Center TLO's for over 10 years in terrorism and intelligence.