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Continuing Education for Managers and Private Investigators


18 Hours

This course includes and update on Rules and Regulations, firearm safety, use of force and ethics. This is an online course. Sign up to receive all of the course materials.

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Officer Safety and Wellness

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2 Days

Officers will learn how to survive and thrive in Police/Security Officer engagements by:

  • Recognizing Pre-Attack Indicators and Situational Awareness.
  • Learning the Scientific Principles, Tactics and Strategies for Effective Protection.
  • Recognizing the Physiological and Psychological Dynamics of Physical Confrontations
  • Using the Appropriate and Lawful Level of Force, Based on US Supreme Court Decisions, as per the Dynamic Resistance-Response Model adapted by TCOLE.
  • Deescalating the Use of Force with Improved Communication Skills.
  • Recognizing the Four Types of Common Attackers, the Two Most Common Attacks of Each, and How to Effectively Protect Yourself and Others From Those Attacks.
  • Gaining Compliance and Physical Control of Subjects.
  • Learning the Three Types of Strikes and Defenses of Each Strike.
  • Learning the Basic Takedowns, How to Avoid Being Taken to the Ground, and Getting the Subject Prone for Safe Handcuffing.

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