Security Officer Level III

Commission Security Officer Course - Level III


45 Hour course.

This course qualifies the Security Officer to become armed. In this course you will learn The Rules and Regulations necessary to do the job legally. Other topics include: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim; Authority to Arrest; Conflict Resolution; Crime Scene; Field Notes and Report Writing; Patrol Services and Cover; Things to look for on Patrol; Rules on the Use of Force.

The course also includes Handcuffing and Self Defense. You will be certified on the Baton and a Firearm. The Firearm Qualification minimum caliber is a 9 mm or 38 for a Revolver. The Range Fee is covered in the cost of the course, but you will need to supply your ammunition. 50 rounds for your handgun. The shotgun training is optional. If you wish to qualify with a shotgun you will need 9 rounds of 00 Buckshot for a 12 gauge Shotgun. (A shotgun will be provided for your use.) A 9 mm handgun can be provided, if you do not have your own.

To get your Commission as an armed security officer you must take both the Level II and Level III. If you have not taken the Level II course, you can take it in conjunction with the Level III. The cost for both will be $275.00 for in-person only.

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Security Officer Recertification

Handgun only $70 / Handgun and Shotgun $80

This is a 6 hour course including Classroom and Firearms qualification. This class will bring you up to date on new rules and regulations. It will refresh some of the items you learned in the Level III class. Topics include: Rules and Regulations; Authority to Arrest; Field Notes and Report Writing; Rules on the Use of Force.

Firearms qualification can be with a handgun only or handgun and shotgun. You will need to supply your own ammuniton. If ammunition is available it can be purchased at the shooting range (no guarantee). 50 rounds for your handgun and 6 rounds of 00 Buckshot for the 12 gauge shotgun. A handgun can be provided if need be and the shotgun will be provided. The Range Fee is covered in the cost of the class.

Contact us if you are having a problem getting your ammo.

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